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Search and browse the National Library of Australia's digitised sheet music collection
Last updated: 21 Apr 2013

In early 2013 the National Library of Australia released the Forte app (for iPads running iOS 6+) to browse their wonderful collection of digitised sheet music.

For those of us without iPads (or with older iPads running iOS 5), or wanting something more light-weight, this alternative is a HTML, mobile-friendly way of accessing this collection.

Click here to open this HTML digitised sheet music browser.


The Forte iPad app was developed by Jake MacMullin from Stripy Sock in conjunction with the NLA. Read all about it here.

Thinking that I'm not alone in not having an iPad, I've tried to implement something which will work on almost any device with a modern web browser, hoping that it helps make this collection more widely accessible.

This version is undoubtably not as polished as the iPad version. I've used this as a learning experience to become acquainted with the JQuery Mobile framework, and a "mobile first" approach to development.

Notes for v0.3 - 21 Apr 2013

Notes for v0.2 - 15 Apr 2013

Notes for v0.1 - 14 Apr 2013

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